Trip to France!



So early Monday morning we traveled to Paris. The flight was okay, I think I slept a little bit and my boyfriend as well. Think we landed in Paris around 11am and managed to get our luggage, even tho it took a bit longer to wait for Sam’s luggage than mine, for some reason. Even THO we checked in at the same time. Managed to find a taxi and it took us to the hotel. Quite nice hotel.

Our room wasn’t ready, so we had to wait like 3 hours, so we went to a restaurant to eat a little. The waiter asked where we were from and I said Norway and he didn’t know where that was. Sam said USA and he was like “ah!” like he knew where that was. Haha. I even asked him “do you know where Germany, Denmark, Sweden is?” But no. I don’t think he was even French.

After we were done eating, we walked around to look after a café, so we could have a coffee, but that wasn’t easy peasy. Well, we found one, but it wasn’t really a café. more like a bakery with a shop. Could buy soda and stuff + macarons and bakery stuff. We bought some macarons and brought them back to the hotel. We found out that the pistachio was the best flavor.

Green ones = pistachio. Don’t remember the other ones.

Green ones = pistachio. Don’t remember the other ones.

Our room got ready and we went up there and I think we took a nap, I woke up way before Sam did. He woke up a little bit late, but I managed to get him up and out. I think we walked around a bit and found an indian place, it was really nice food and we played some cards, but I started to bleed from my finger, so I went down to the bathroom and OMG, THAT WAS LIKE INSANELY BAD. Very shitty bathroom. Wow. Wish I had taken photos of that. Damn. After that we went to a wine bar and bought beer. Haha! They were about to close, so we had the beers and one drink and left after that. Went back to the hotel and fell asleep again.