Yet another Tuesday. I did nothing much on New Years Eve, watch a couple of episodes of Perfume with my boyfriend, before he went out to dinner. I on the other hand just waited for a phone call from my mom and she called, but asked first if I wanna drive someone else home first and I couldn’t say no to that. Even tho I told the 2 couples that the ride was for free, they threw money at me. Earned 200 kroners. After that I picked my parents up and drove them home.

Hopefully I’ll be celebrating “the new Tuesday” tomorrow evening with some sparkling wine from Italy along with some gaming with my boyfriend, he has actually a name. Sam is his name. He doesn’t live in the same country as I, but he’s luckily just 6h behind me and just booked a flight to come here in February. I haven’t seen him since November, so that will be sooo nice!

Anyways, I’m gonna start watching masterminds on netflix, and hopefully fall asleep with Tarzan by my side. Maybe Sam will call at 6am as well and maybe I’ll manage to pick up. If not, I’ll talk to him later.

Happy New Year, I guess.

Victoria Soeviknes