I did wake up a bit late..

But no worries, my other cousin, Anne, and her kids were at this "festival" with animals, so I drove over to their place when they were done with that. Caroline was there as well and they were preparing at video for their mom, cause we all were going to a brunch/dinner celebration on Sunday and my aunt is turning 70 on Tuesday.

On Monday I'm driving up to Geilo and meeting up with my auntie and uncles + my parents and we are gonna celebrate her there.

So before I went up to Anne, I took Tarzan out for a walk, so he could stretch his legs a bit.

2018-09-01 08.48.54 1.jpg

Just some photos of the house and garden.

Look at this monster house. WHAT THE HELL IS IT DOING HERE, AMONG THE OLD HOUSES? HUH? WHY? Ahhh. Their garage is bigger than my uncle's first and ground floor. It's insane. And it doesn't really look nice either.

2018-09-01 08.43.54 1.jpg
 Some roses I gave Anne ^^

Some roses I gave Anne ^^

Ate dinner at Anne, she had made vegetarian lasagna, I think? It's really good tho. And I got to talk to her kids a bit and we didn't do much. Ended the night with candy and then the kids went to bed, so I went to Caroline for two more episodes of Happy Valley!

When I drove home from her, I turned left up the hill and there were 5 guys coming towards my car, and my heart was beating so fast that I couldn't breathe, haha! I was so scared and for a moment I thought they had masks, but they did just walk down the road while drinking their beer. I almost jumped in my seat.