My outfit for Sunday.

My cousins, Caroline and Anne, their kids and their husbands, friends of my aunt and uncle, brother of my aunt and his girlfriend and me were there. This cozy cozy cozy place. 

Celebrating my aunt's birthday, even tho it's not until Tuesday. Our table. Where we had starter, main course and dessert.

2018-09-02 02.48.45 1.jpg

Two pictures of my cousin, Caroline.

One of the husbands, Anne's husband, his name is Bård.

2018-09-02 04.53.08 1.jpg

Here's my aunt, Kari, we(not I) were singing birthday song for her and then we(not I) had cake.

My uncle, Einar (married to my aunt), got a new car, a TESLA. It looks like a shark with wings. What a beast. Too big tho. We had to take the ferry to and from the tiny tiny little place. I hate ferries. Oof. Anywho, I ended the evening at Caroline's place and we watched the last episode of Happy Valley. 

Monday I'll be driving to Geilo with Tarzan, and meeting up with my parents!