I woke up around 12pm and noticed that my uncle had already left, so I was alone. I also noticed the weather, so I sat in the sun for a bit before I went inside and took a shower and got ready to drive to my cousin's house, her name is Caroline.

Her husband, Reidar and Caroline had just adopted a baby from Colombia, well, it's a while back now, BUT I hadn't met him yet, so I met him today, Jens Christian! So cuto!

Caroline had also made brownies, so my aunt, Kari, Caroline and myself had some coffee and brownies, mmmm. It's so good. And yes, Tarzan and Molly were there as well, didn't get to take any photos of Molly, but she's a dog as well ^^After we had eaten, I drove my aunt home, cause she's going to a reunion party, so she had to get ready for that.

I came back and Reidar came home from work and we had dinner, pasta!  Yummm!

2018-08-31 05.47.12 1.jpg

Ended the evening with some television, well, Netflix. Caroline and I started to watch a bit of the new season of Happy Valley! I didn't know there was a season 2 out, damn you Netflix!

2018-08-31 10.43.17 1.jpg