Around 3pm on Wednesday I left my parents' house and drove to Osøyro, a small place outside of Bergen.

It's a long trip and I only stopped once to pee and buy snacks. After I passed a place called Voss, the road closed, well, it closed an hour after I was there, so I was lucky! It was like super muddy and raining. No accidents and no sliding off the road. No speeding tickets either. But I just found out that it wasn't allowed with any dogs in the car... So I got a job to do before I turn the car in :P

The pictures below are from the "mountains" and you can see what car I got, looks like a mini SUV. Very comfortable tho, but my back hurt when I woke up today. A little bit sore. Didn't do much when I arrived, ate some late dinner with my uncle and then went to bed.

Here is where I live at the moment.. Or sleep. Same. Anywho, the sun was up and it's pretty nice out, even tho I didn't get out until 2pm.. Still sore in my back and my foot was pretty sore as well. 

Haven't been driving for so long in a while.. Or since last year. 

TAARZIII. Yes we went "downtown" and I bought some snacks for Tarzan at the petstore and we went, my uncle and I, to see his girlfriend art studio, or art office. After that I drove Tarzan home and we went out to eat dinner.

2018-08-30 03.40.39 2.jpg
2018-08-30 03.41.43 2.jpg

We went to "ER-AN Veikro", very American, but then again, not American. Haha! Norway looooves America..

Bought a new cover for my phone, a bit too late, since it's already ripped up, but oh well.

2018-08-30 09.53.18 1.jpg

After dinner, we went to my aunt's house to see what they were up to and ended up with eating this and watching TV. Haha! A nice way to end this Thursday!