For some reason, today has been a really long day. 

Went to the hairdresser at 11am and got some more light in my hair, I'm in the process to getting blonde again..


Uh, black and white. Oh well.

After that, I went to the store and bought a lot of cleaning products. Cleaned my apartment, well most of it, and then I watched some streams.. Took a walk with Tarzan.. Even took a nap for 1h, but I got a headache of that, darn. That reminds me that I have to wash the bedsheets. 


Even made myself DINNER. Tacos. Tacos with beer. 

And now I'm watching Netflix, El Chapo season 3 is out! Just waiting on Narcos..

Got tomorrow off as well, and I think I'm going shopping with my mom, she's gonna buy clothes.. for me.. I don't know why tho.